Culto di domenica 6 gennaio 2019: camminare sulle acque

Nel primo culto domenica dell’anno nuovo, il Signore ci ha ricordato che se i nostri occhi sono fissi su Gesù, attorno a noi può esserci vento o mare in tempesta: noi camminiamo sulle acque!

Ecco la registrazione del culto celebrato stamani nella chiesa evangelica Movimento Cristiano Bethel di Ardore (RC), con la predicazione del pastore Giovanni Passeri.

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  1. I didn’t realise there were so many evangelical churches in the south of Italy. Good to see you.

  2. Is there a list of evangelical churches in the area?
    What is the closest one to Camini?
    What Bible version is best in Italian?

  3. I have sent them an email so let’s see if they are okay with English.
    I will get back to you if I need something more.
    Thanks for your help.

    • You are very welcome. Keep in touch if you need anymore help. Blessings!

      • I had a look at the website and found it confusing, partly because I have to google translate it but also the focus seems to be reconciliation, and I am not sure if the church stands for Biblical truth or not.

        Of course reconciliation is the theme of the whole Bible, but it is on God’s terms. Reconciliation can and often does equate to compromise, and then to the loss of any significant truth as we have seen in liberal theology over the last 100 years.

        Perhaps I have got it wrong – is it a church where the Bible is the authority, or is it more of “let us all love each other” type of thing where the Bible is pushed aside?

        • Hi again, sorry for the delay but it’s just me with this site and I’m having a very busy period. You asked for an evangelical church next to Camini: that is the one we know. It’s not easy to say if they stand on biblical truth or not, since that it is not our proper church. We do not use to judge other churches, we try to stay focused on biblical truth for ourselves. What we can suggest to you is this: go, try and prove by yourself. By the way: I think that the site you visited it isn’t the local church site (which I’m afraid it doesn’t exist), but the denomination site, “church of the reconciliation”, indeed. Our church isn’t connected with any denomination, that’s the reason why we are allowed to respond just for ourselves.

          With love in Christ

  4. Hi again,
    I am not sure how to understand Christianity in Italy. I have been looking for a Bible based church, but how is it with the evangelical church there – is it Bible based?
    I saw some interesting churches in Sicily with the Heartcry support, and CERBI, but what is there in Calabria?

    • Hi again, please read the comment above. We can respond for ouselves and, with great humility, we may say that we do anything possible to follow as good as t’is possible, the biblical truth. Many churches don’t, many believers don’t: everyone will be, one day face to face with God with its own responsabilities. We try to preach the World of God honestly and to love people wether they love us or not. If are coming in our neighbourhood, we’ll be pleased to share some time with you and talk with great clearance. In the meanwhile, can we do anything else for you?

  5. We will arrive in Riace Marina on Sunday 14th April and leave again on Friday 19th. Do you have any meeting on Good Friday?

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